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Ngine Networks is a software vendor that brings together an awarded team of Video Apps experts. We create the most advanced software solutions for large screens. From digital signage to VoD platforms, we design and develop the most innovative solutions 

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Skysignage - Digital Out of Home Advertising

The purpose of Skysignage is to speed up the digital transformation of any retail store (food, clothing, groceries, real estate), hotel or corporate office, through the broadcast of relevant content on their network of connected screens. Users have access to the cloud-based web portal – a SaaS based content management system. With the help of a display compositor assistant and a list of templates, users can design any advertisement they want to be displayed on the screens. They can combine external information using pre-defined widgets with business information (business software, social networks, databases) without the need to re-enter their information as it is already pre-integrated within the platform. 

The total cost of ownership can present a challenge for a lot of customers, however working with Qt Digital Advertising has proven to be the most effective choice. Within just a couple of days the integration was completed without any impact on the platform, modules or services: 

  • Qt Digital Advertising is proposed as an additional widget on Skysignage platform 
  • Integration time was heavily reduced as Qt proposed a plug-in adapted to our technology (WebAssembly) 
  • The solution was available directly for any platform (Tizen/ LG WebOS / Android) 

Ngine can address any needs of digital advertising within a short time to market and in a flexible, efficient and professional manner. 

With Qt’s Digital Advertising solution, Skysignage has created a competitive market differentiator, leaving the customer choice about the urgency and needs to reduce the total cost of ownership of the solution.

Bertrand Issard, CEO & founder, Ngine

Qt’s Digital Advertising offering allows Ngine to choose which approach suited them best

  • Sharing airing time and some part of the screen for advertising according to the needs of complementary revenue. 
  • Reaching the advertising demand as the screen is exposed to most of the advertiser market (marketplace exchange either in real-time bidding or programmatic marketplace) 
  • Managing and optimizing different types of campaigns (Direct Deal, Programmatic advertising) thanks to efficient waterfall mechanism. 

Having a better knowledge of DOOH business, and a strong partnership with Qt Digital Advertising, offers Ngine the capability to create innovative business model and to address new market segment 

Bertrand Issard, CEO & founder, Ngine

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